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Meet Dr. Trzebiatowski

Dr. Wade Trzebiatowski is excited to be back in his hometown of Stevens Point, Wisconsin with his wife Danielle and family. He is eager to promote and bring health to his community through neurological based chiropractic care within his newly opened office, Elevate Life Chiropractic. A sports injury was the original driving force behind how Dr. Wade found chiropractic. It was the care he received that nurtured his curiosity to learn more about how the body has the ability to heal itself without the use of medications or surgeries.

Dr. Wade completed his undergraduate program at UW-Stout and then went on to earn his Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College in Davenport, IA. While attending Palmer, Dr. Wade’s curiosity and passion of helping others, lead him to earning an intern position at the well-known Troxell Intern Program in Parkview, IA. On top of a rigorous school schedule, he dedicated hundreds of hours of time to the intern program. There he practiced and enhanced his knowledge of chiropractic care within the Gonstead system. While he spent time learning, he also had the opportunity to teach other chiropractic students. As an intern Dr. Wade attended several continuing education classes and seminars consisting of the most advanced methods of the Gonstead system, earning him his Gonstead Methodology Institute 100 Hours Certification early on. While mastering the Gonstead system Dr. Wade also enhanced his knowledge and skills within the Torque Release Technique. This combined knowledge and use of the best available state of the art technology allows Dr. Wade to help locate and adjust the cause of the sickness and disease in each individual. His focus is to adjust the nervous system and restore patients to their full healing potential, to allow the body to function naturally. 

One of Dr. Wade’s favorite experiences while in school was participating in the Palmer Clinic Abroad Program, traveling to Vietnam on a humanitarian effort to provide chiropractic care to the people there. During the few weeks that he was there he and his classmates cared for hundreds of Vietnamese each day, many who walked several miles just to experience chiropractic. Dr. Wade graduated from Palmer in February 2014. His passion and dream for owning his own practice lead to a happy return to Central Wisconsin and the opening of Elevate Life Chiropractic.

Outside of the office hours Dr. Wade hosts educational workshops for the community to attend. Dr. Wade states, "I believe I am doing exactly what I was put on this earth to do. I am passionate about helping others live healthier lives and I look forward to educating others about chiropractic.” Doctor Wade also stated, "Your greatest wealth is your health, through chiropractic care and healthy lifestyle changes, you can avoid disease ... For me personally it’s obvious, health isn’t given, it’s earned."